Wednesday, 31 December 2014


It hardly matters if i write or not, here, as no one has interest in reading it. Still when the whole world celebrate the Jan 1st, Why not me !!

And about the resolution thing I'm taking an initiative or I can say challenging myself with 52 novels in 52 weeks of this year. I hope I'll be able to do this task in desciplined way.


and don't forget to smile always because life is too short to wait for the right time. :)

Friday, 5 December 2014

#placed TATApowerDDL

People says "Believe in yourself
& Success will find your way."

But what i know "Never quit day dreams,
 b'coz some days are meant to be your day"

Monday, 27 October 2014

Potrait of a lady

A beauty with smile, resplendent in grace,
such beautiful eyes, in a beautiful face.

Inevitable truth

Sometimes life is like an orchestral prelude
And the other time it is strangely subdued
 If you keep recalling how life used to be
 With a perspective how much it's worthy
And cling to a wish to feel it all again
 It'll never change and always remains the same
Will have to face the reality with all it's cruelty
As you're unaware and obscured with it's beauty
Once you raged upon the futility of all
Now can't control and the teardrops fall
But life goes on and once gone is gone
And you'll have to regret it if you keep waiting for an impossible dawn 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

She is long gone

Her smiling face always fresh like morning
in the corridor, still I hear her voice singing
 In garden, I see her in flowers of tulips
 recalling the way she used to call me stupid 
Emotions erupting but i'm trying to swallow
and embracing her fluffy soft pillow 
whose core still secrets her scent 
lost in the memories that we spent 
now the doves are exhausted of mournful call 
but i'm still staring at pictures hanging on the wall 
she is long gone but i don't want to accept the fact

 because every single memory of her is still pure and intact

Still she smiles....

Her past has been trodden & broken

Could find the truth in a single word spoken

Living with the bitter & twisted lies

Still she smiles

Had lived a discriminated life

Always she was the one with limited choice

Have been trying to spring high like a tide

Still she smiles

Slowly her youth will slip away & trickle

Certainly she would be old with the wrinkles

Might even loose sight of her eyes

Still she smiles

Dare to dream & fly high in the sky

She is one i can call catcher in the rye

Though no one ever heard her silent cries

Still she smiles

Her sassiness is disguised by many

But she is happy with apricot dipped in honey

Scattered believes stops her to rise

Still she smiles

She might be an unfledged sparrow

Still she earned her pride & never borrow

With her soft hands ,you might not be surprised

Still she smiles

Leaving behind nights of terror and fears

She kept walking & swiping away all the tears

People wish to see bowed head and lowered eyes

Still she smiles

Monday, 14 July 2014

I'm not a sex toy...i too want to live a normal life

Every night here is same as the day before
Some shitty men will come to have choice of whore
Likewise my pride is diminished as i also sell them lust
But deep inside me my feelings are full of disgust
I have lost the count  of those pimping jerks
Who came to me to full fill their sex thrust
In the beginning,i suffered the resistance and pain
No one came to help,so sobbing & crying was in vain
Broken, bruised & sore between my legs everytime
Why i was punished,if i haven't done any crime
Now its easier to deal with their ways and amusement
I'm treated as a thing, owned & used for one night rent

Like a cursed outcast everyone avoid me
I don't remember childhood dreams, what i wanted to be
But my woes can be eliminated if treated well
I could live normal life out of this hell if you help

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

My angel,my daughter

When she came to my life it was filled with joy and pleasure,
Every moment after that has been like most precious treasure
Adorable face with tiny hands, feet & knees
Slowly learning to bounce, play, cuddle & squeeze
Her cute expressions with messy hairs
& her beautiful eyes are like pearl's pairs
Those chubby little cheeks with pointy chin
Feeling of calmness in touch of her soft silky skin
She loves to sleep with my hand tucked under her head
Snuggled around my arms, I love the way she say goodnight dad
Her unfledged voice filled with everlasting laughter
I feel blessed whenever I hold my angel,  my daughter

Sunday, 29 June 2014


So many pleasant faces we encounter every day
Awkward smiles or have a good day, we might say
Doesn't have to know from where & how are they
Just a few brief moments & then we walk on our own way
Small exchanges with strangers, different kind of pleasure
These random talks sometimes results in finding a treasure
We acquaint them once or twice or sometimes more
Couldn't remember all but some have impacts for sure
Even the best friend now was also a stranger once
But we laughed ,cried ,fight ,celebrated ,taught each other & also learned
Living & dying among the strangers is our destiny
Strange it is but I love being stranger & accept it as my identity

Friday, 27 June 2014

Dazzling evening

A shimmering gracious crimson evening fading away

& proud pleasant sunset marks the end of the day

A warm luscious tint glowing earth and sky

Into the dawn over the pines as the birds fly

This lucid dream dazzles my wondering eyes

With every blink, flattered, as the water rise

Those leaping tides, advancing, laps the unconscious shore

& the mystical song of nightingale catches everyone's 
attention for sure

With my face upraised i felt my every breath

Enjoying the soothing & magical touch of that breeze

Slowly eyes glistened by the full-orbed moonlight

Calmness of these moment are delightful invite

delusory pleasures


Passionate by the charisma of glittering world
Deep emotions of own soul left unheard
Unaware of the rusted layers covering their character
Following the trends of society is only thing that matters
Distracted & dishonoured in the race without destination
Even forgotten the moral values & life's lessons
Searching for the unsure delusory pleasures
Surrounded with material things is the only measure
Deep sense of belongingness for self is lost
Winning in a hassle at any coat matters the most
But at the end, when find out that they had lived a wasteful life
They could have been anyone because they had every choice

Monday, 23 June 2014

A friend's advice

20 years back we were about same height
I travelled around world but he stood there firm & tight 
Slowly we grew young & strong
Couldn't find a place where i belong 

Today when i rest under his shade
Recollecting the memories that once start to fade
Lost in fast paced with a greed for money
Even forgotten my life's symphony 

Suddenly i heard the familiar whispers of a friend 
That the past is gone & nothing can be mend
I may not  be knowing the names of places you have been
But I'm telling you all this from the experience of world i have seen 
Love the life for what you were & live the one you want to
If you had a bad phase than start a fresh & new

Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Instantaneous & quick with fragile beauty
Always alert, some says they're witty
Consummated with flickering wings
No one knows what they say or sings
Swift beyond calculation or capture
You will find them in mountains, rivers & pasture
Light touches them only to shift into iridescence
Even the strong wind can't be a resistance
Beat their wings to the sounds of the butterflies
Never praised or noticed, they're the dragonflies
Transparent wings, yet another mirror through the sky
Not even wait for the blink & again they fly

Monday, 16 June 2014


The daylight has grown weaker and the cloudy grey hue spreading over that vast sea. With the fainted sound of rhythmic chiming of church bells, the wind weeping away the piled leaves. The splashes of water on the rocks, churning, waves talking themselves as they rise and fall. Was it the sea crying with its inevitable pain or singing in top of his voice, the songs of joy, pride, war and peace.
She has been coming here daily from her childhood days watching its calmness and also disturbed, like as it is today.

Dusk has fallen and the birds returning to their homes. Some of the birds from the other side of the sea look confident while they flew in the opposite direction towards the horizon and she kept watching them until they disappeared of her side. A strange feeling of lost came alive in her mind but that cold breeze soothing with its gentle smiles and the magical whispers that contain the stories and song, the fishermen sing while he is out for his adventure to company this lonely sea make her relieved. Though she couldn’t stop that tear in her eyes, sliding down her cheek and she didn’t even bother to swipe it away. 

End of vast emptiness

Magnificent! Sounds one hear in quiet
In depth of darkness, if you’ll but listen
Things once seemed wrong will be right
Just a moment with self will give all the reason

Tiniest of quiver can be seen here
If capable eyes will learn to blind hate
Breathe & try not to hold that moment there
Will help you out of your perpetual state

Realization among vast emptiness
Taught the one to accept all the trails
Fear of the death & storms doesn’t bother much
As the trust in self-encourage him to sail.
 Magnificent! Sounds one heat in quiet
In depth of darkness, if you’ll but listen
Thins once seemed wrong will be right
Just a moment with self will give all the reason

Tiniest of quiver can be seen here
If capable eyes will learn to blind hate
Breathe & try not to hold that moment there
Will help you out of your perpetual state

Realization among vast emptiness
Taught the one to accept all the trails
Fear of the death & storms doesn’t bother much
As the trust in self-encourage him to sail.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

quietness to her disturbed mind

Lost in thoughts
As she crosses
& smell the moist smell of new ploughed earth
Helped her to overcome that pain in her heart
With the naive assumption that things can only get better
She is trying to glue the pieces once shattered
Red glow at the rim of world faded into pink
Likewise it's the past,she doesn't want to think
Watching the tall pine trees touching the pastel sky
She has courage again to fly high 
Though shadowy dimness crept over the countryside
But she kept walking with confidence & pride
Because it's only her that she was always trying to find 
& this thought brought quiet to her disturbed mind

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

pain of an ocean

Deep from its heart 
The inevitable pain rises along the frosty tide
With no limits & boundaries 
It tries to the open shores into the wide

Splashing & roaring it comes
& end up in the melting silence 
With the tears & grieves 
Remains trapped in that big old island 

At the journeys end
The dying waves lift to kiss the shore
Spills its life upon the sand
Then shrinks to rise no more

Only the crimson sky shares its pain
When they meet at the zenith 
Lost in the melodies of self,the ocean remains 
Still by holding his deep breath

Sunday, 18 May 2014

This is life

It takes much to make a child into a young
The one who know nothing learn to sing the song
It's amazing how they learn to walk on little feet
Growing up he get to about manner & way to greet
A child comes with pure soul and no memories
Day after day they become the part of new stories
Certainly they saw the things which are good and bad
With feelings of being happy, victory,lost & sad
They fall in love & break the rules knowingly
They learn about the dreams, career & goals certainly
Though the ultimate end is same,death, just come in different ways
 it's what we know as life, sum of all those random days

Friday, 16 May 2014

Strange relationship

With the wondrous embodiment of everything that you share
We can be best friend forever bound by pinky swear

The strange relationship with all
Boundation of time & distance
I just have to close my eyes to feel
Your presence & smell your fragrance
Those pictures of you, keeps you always in my mind
Words just flowing in rhythm, I don’t have to think or find
Bridging the divide between reality & my fantasy
I want you to dance with me close together in intimacy
That beguiling smile your curving lips drew
A gorgeous face with immense inner beauty as I knew
I may not have heard your voice
But I can feel your whispers
And the random thoughts of you
Makes my body shivers
We both are bit careless & too young
So just be with me & I’ll keep writing new songs

i miss you dear

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My little sister

My little sister
I know we argue, I know we fight
Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right
We call each other by names & play lots of games
Sometimes we disagree, make mistakes & put on the blames
We’re critics for each other & also the encouragement
We have everlasting memories without any order of arrangement
We cry on each other when our hearts will not mend
We’re proud of each other’s victories & we’re best friend
Our lives are now hectic & time goes by so fast
But I know our friendship will always outlast
I always wanted to tell you what has been on my mind

You are my sister, my friend, we are two of a kind !

The Woman

She is the one with soft & gentle touch
But always have to bear the burdens more than much
She is the one with all the vividness & beauty
The one who take all the responsibility & duty
She is one who hides her pain & tear
Without demanding, she’ll soothe you with care
She is the one who sacrifice the desires & dreams
Even in the suffering she’ll love you by all means
She’ll stay up all night just to ensure you can sleep well
She makes the earth a better place to live otherwise it would be hell
She has no magic but makes our life wonderful
Even in the complexities, with her you’ll still find it colorful
She can be a mother, sister, a friend or any one
But she is one & only, The Woman


My work is to write
Not to wait for someone to criticize
My work is to dream
& words of mine will make them gleam
My work is to see
& my eyes will tell me whatever it would be
My work is to listen
Even the tiny voices without any reason
My work is to draw
& no need to follow the newton’s law
My work is to feel
The touch of nature with its peal
My work is to say
As the thoughts crossing my mind in random way
My work is to observe
& walk across my mind’s gentle curves
My work is to smile
& the world would be happy for a while
My work is to do
Without caring if sky is dark or blue
All I need to do is nothing

Which I know will result in something

life is a circle

Every second I feel my eyes blinking
& my heartbeats trying to beat with perfect rhyming
Every minute my mind figuring out the meaning of everything it sees
& some time it wishes for everything become still & freeze
Every hour I see thousands of colours, even if I’m in sleep
& that’s why I feel like crazy, sad, happy or lost in thoughts deep
Everyday i watch the sun rising in the east
& meeting the horizon again in the west
Every week I change my goals & take them to new level
& fantasizing about life after success, easy & stable
Every month I calculate what I have done
& making the list which I did wrong
Every year i see the seasons, they just come & go
& the life always walking towards the death as we know
Life is all about moving in circle & one day we’ll meet the end

So just enjoy whatever you have, knock, breathe, shine & seek to mend

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Magic of Pandora's box is not working

It has been a month & I don’t know why this thought keep coming in to my mind that I have been doing something very wrong?
I don’t know what wrong I’m doing but this feeling is really killing me. Because what I’m supposed to do is not what I’m doing so I’m totally freaked out of mind guy who certainly is making his life difficult to live.
The more I think about it the more I want to get away from people & the place I’m connected to because the magic of Pandora’s box is not working for me.
This is so ridiculous that I can’t even help me.
The guy who is funny, creative & not so handsome for other is living a miserable life, not concerned about the present which is so crucial & his condition is getting more critical as the clock is continuously ticking.By the time he would know it, it might be too late to realise all this so basically this is all f***ed  up for him


Saturday, 5 April 2014

I just want to be with you

My heart have feelings but never want to show

but the day I saw you, every thing changed I know
now i love the winters & wait for the spring
living a life without knowing what else it could bring
every time i look into your eyes
i feel my body melting like ice
each word you say make me love you more
every word of my poems want to adore
we'll dance on the melodies in the rains
travel the world without knowing the trains
night and day, day and night I wanna be by your side
every moment of everyday you are always on my mind
so just hold me tight near to your heart
And promise me that we will never be apart

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I just want her back

Once she used to blossom like a rose
but now an inner demon in her has arose
The feeling like turmoil, angst, and passion have overcome
living in perpetual state of guilt though nothing she have done
New persona coming to terms with a new sinful she
behaving as she is no longer the girl, she used to be
Why she always let them do what that demon want to
every little bit makes her feel as the emptiness subsides
Why she have been hiding the true self & grasping for reality?
& girl with a cute smile now living life for formality
I can't seem to stop it but i want to help her
& the only thing which can tell her truth is mirror
This demon springs up and devours her conscience thought
& she can't even see how beautiful life she has got
I just want to let her know that
She isn't bound to the chase another tear stream
because she can always live like as she lives in my dreams
I just want her back
Out of inner shell of herself, lively & smiling

A beautiful dove..

We're talking like we know each other for years
As if i said some magic word & you had appeared
Laughing & dancing we started this journey
Something we shared & something we are learning

Through your velvet eyes, your soul revealed
I felt like your past wounds are still to be healed
Your talks reflects your heart's sweetness
Your smile doubles your face cuteness
For me you are like a beautiful dove
The girl, who will treat me with a strange love

I want to you to get over from the tensions of past clouds
Lift your head, smile & do something to be proud
So just hold my hand & I'll take you to my wonderland
There is no rule to follow & to understand....

Friday, 14 March 2014

just scribbling...;)

How important she is for me

She is the mirror to me
Through her a clear reflection of myself  i could see
I feel conceited to share my little part 
Where i don't have to remember about the end or start

Similar thoughts that only we can understand 
& the friendship is strange but shines like an elegant brand 
We are differentiated in appearance & the places
But i can find her even from the thousand faces

How adorable she is,you might think 
Her beauty growing with every blink 
Her mind so active yet silent 
Her expressions so colorful and vibrant 

Now you know how important she is for me
As for all my wonderful creativity she is the key