Tuesday, 20 October 2015

all I want is you

Holding you in my arms
Where you feel safe and warm
Charmed by the heavenly bliss
As our lips meet in a passionate lover's kiss
Our breaths mingle as a mellifluous lullaby
And our heart yearning more tonight
Fingertips trailing the paths of delight
As the sighs of longing deep emotion ignite
Our souls entwined and dancing as one
These tender moments make feel like heaven

And now I see a shooting star
Don’t know what to wish
‘coz all I want is you

Lying in my arms just like this

If life is a book

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone- we find it with another.” And I think I have found that another one with whom life looks far more easy and interesting to live.
Thousands of thoughts transpired and transformed into something beautiful just because I wrote them to see one face smiling. As I look back and introspect how the things went? The only conclusion I can come up with is that it was the best way they could have happened. Hardly had I ever given a second thought to plans and journeys we made together and it was all possible because something inside me kept telling that this world would be more beautiful if you see it holding her hand. Over the time I have spent with her I have acquired so many qualities like patience, responsibility, passion for life, setting priorities and a positive attitude i.e. every decision I take turn out into something new and good.
Her presence is spreading the fragrance of a budding blossom in the aisle of my life and whenever I’m with her happiness is spontaneous.
My surroundings get filled with vibrant vibes and I live more in a moment. I hear her crackling laughs in rain drops and her whispers in the soothing silence of night.  The crimson dusk reminds me of timeless beauty of her innocent smile and I can relate the feeling of her touch with exuberance of birds at dawn. Each memory is like a flower of daisy which retains its shape and color after being dried and every time I recall one, it’s like an exquisite dream, attempting to fly off into the wide blue yonder. When she rests her head over my shoulder I feel responsible and caring.  In this infinite world of fantasies a single thought of her calms my wandering mind.

If life is a book then I wish to see her on every page of it.