Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Sweet Strange Friend

Your body glistens in the light
& i don't want to miss a moment of tonight
Awkward we don't have many things to talk
But i was loving this silent walk
The smell of your perfume just made me smile
Cuteness on your face made me wish to freeze this moment for a while
You're the prettiest girl  i have ever known
I just want to live there whether it is dusk or dawn
It was much better than my dream
Everything is just perfect or so it seem
You voice reminds me of the song that wind sings
About a bird with broad wings & cheers that spring brings...
It was the sweetest day & now its going to end
& we will always be strange but sweet friends.....

Thursday, 23 January 2014

my first date

it was my first date
 hell nervous like going for debate 
it wasn't just fate
& i was already half n hour late
neither i could choose a present 
nor i could select to wear
my heart skipped a beat when i saw you
you were looking beautiful in blue
your dazzling eyes & sweet smile
make me feel lucky for a while 
we begin to walk
you started the talk
sea waves beating on sand
there we sit hand in hand
slowly the sun begins to set
but it seems like we have just met
then everything starts fading
its like if i was dreaming

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Lost me

the long silence distributed by a single drop
Now paths are clear and have a hope
But i’m waiting for someone somewhere
In a full moon with lots of stories to share
People just passing me by
Living their life without knowing why?
They travel the whole world round
Now thinking what they have found
All they need is a mirror’s reflection
Which will tell them the right direction
I have been waiting for that someone very long
But this feeling is strong that i was wrong
Because the one i was waiting is ME
Lost in echoes of self scream
But still doors are open and path clear to see
So this is just beginning of beautiful dream