Sunday, 18 May 2014

This is life

It takes much to make a child into a young
The one who know nothing learn to sing the song
It's amazing how they learn to walk on little feet
Growing up he get to about manner & way to greet
A child comes with pure soul and no memories
Day after day they become the part of new stories
Certainly they saw the things which are good and bad
With feelings of being happy, victory,lost & sad
They fall in love & break the rules knowingly
They learn about the dreams, career & goals certainly
Though the ultimate end is same,death, just come in different ways
 it's what we know as life, sum of all those random days

Friday, 16 May 2014

Strange relationship

With the wondrous embodiment of everything that you share
We can be best friend forever bound by pinky swear

The strange relationship with all
Boundation of time & distance
I just have to close my eyes to feel
Your presence & smell your fragrance
Those pictures of you, keeps you always in my mind
Words just flowing in rhythm, I don’t have to think or find
Bridging the divide between reality & my fantasy
I want you to dance with me close together in intimacy
That beguiling smile your curving lips drew
A gorgeous face with immense inner beauty as I knew
I may not have heard your voice
But I can feel your whispers
And the random thoughts of you
Makes my body shivers
We both are bit careless & too young
So just be with me & I’ll keep writing new songs

i miss you dear

Thursday, 15 May 2014

My little sister

My little sister
I know we argue, I know we fight
Sometimes I’m wrong, sometimes I’m right
We call each other by names & play lots of games
Sometimes we disagree, make mistakes & put on the blames
We’re critics for each other & also the encouragement
We have everlasting memories without any order of arrangement
We cry on each other when our hearts will not mend
We’re proud of each other’s victories & we’re best friend
Our lives are now hectic & time goes by so fast
But I know our friendship will always outlast
I always wanted to tell you what has been on my mind

You are my sister, my friend, we are two of a kind !

The Woman

She is the one with soft & gentle touch
But always have to bear the burdens more than much
She is the one with all the vividness & beauty
The one who take all the responsibility & duty
She is one who hides her pain & tear
Without demanding, she’ll soothe you with care
She is the one who sacrifice the desires & dreams
Even in the suffering she’ll love you by all means
She’ll stay up all night just to ensure you can sleep well
She makes the earth a better place to live otherwise it would be hell
She has no magic but makes our life wonderful
Even in the complexities, with her you’ll still find it colorful
She can be a mother, sister, a friend or any one
But she is one & only, The Woman


My work is to write
Not to wait for someone to criticize
My work is to dream
& words of mine will make them gleam
My work is to see
& my eyes will tell me whatever it would be
My work is to listen
Even the tiny voices without any reason
My work is to draw
& no need to follow the newton’s law
My work is to feel
The touch of nature with its peal
My work is to say
As the thoughts crossing my mind in random way
My work is to observe
& walk across my mind’s gentle curves
My work is to smile
& the world would be happy for a while
My work is to do
Without caring if sky is dark or blue
All I need to do is nothing

Which I know will result in something

life is a circle

Every second I feel my eyes blinking
& my heartbeats trying to beat with perfect rhyming
Every minute my mind figuring out the meaning of everything it sees
& some time it wishes for everything become still & freeze
Every hour I see thousands of colours, even if I’m in sleep
& that’s why I feel like crazy, sad, happy or lost in thoughts deep
Everyday i watch the sun rising in the east
& meeting the horizon again in the west
Every week I change my goals & take them to new level
& fantasizing about life after success, easy & stable
Every month I calculate what I have done
& making the list which I did wrong
Every year i see the seasons, they just come & go
& the life always walking towards the death as we know
Life is all about moving in circle & one day we’ll meet the end

So just enjoy whatever you have, knock, breathe, shine & seek to mend