Sunday, 11 August 2019

Father of Indian Space Program

Dr. vikram-sarabhai's 100th-birthday

My tribute to great scientist, visionary and institution builder. If it was not for him, we might not have celebrated and took pride in all the successes that ISRO have achieved till date.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Father: A silent emotion

His love was solid like rocks of a solitary mountain
Sometimes hard to feel, still very strong
At first his advice seemed like a drop in ocean
Yet every time it taught me right and wrong

He would always hide his pains, insecurities and fears
And did everything possible so that I won't have tears
His love is wordless, with a boundless scope
Even on the gloomy days, for me, he would find the hope

He helped me understand this insane complex world
Gave me the freedom to become/do what I love
He educated me to cope with the rejection
And during adversities, guided me in the right direction

Although he is no longer in this world
Still I can recall his memories from all those years ago
And I would just like to say to him that
"He did a wonderful job raising me and I love him so"