Monday, 28 September 2015

This feeling

In the warm luscious tint of moon light
I was searching for the right words to write
Clutching the pillow to my chest tight
I sat near window, thinking of you all night

Each moment filled with the feeling of bliss
It’s all new and crazy, never felt like this
I could feel your trembling lips while we kissed
And warmth of your breath I couldn’t resist

Just the soft touch of your hand over mine
And your beautiful eyes made me sublime
Our hearts started beating in same rhythm
I wish to live that moment forever & stop the time

I squeezed your breast & you pulled me in tight
Thrilling and enchanted, in an awe of delight
           Embracing each other & letting out sighs    
This feeling, more I think about, more it rise

Friday, 18 September 2015

My thoughts under no control of mine

I cuddle myself to feel the warmth of your hug
As your beautiful eyes make me believe in love
Every time I hear your voice my heart sublimes
Lost in the echoes of your rhythmic wind chimes
Just holding your hand and feeling your lips over mine
Is like an adventure, climbing the cliff and watching the sun shine
These thoughts under no control of mine
And getting stronger and stronger over time
For us it was never a swift fall or quick tumble into bliss
Still I'm in love with each moment, not a single I want to miss