Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Passion of love

We lay in a blanket under the moon and stars
the white-silvery light reflecting off your skin
Highlighting some areas and ghosting some
As I explore you like a place I have never been

My fingers skating along your smooth curves
and the excitement of joy I can feel in your nerves
Light kisses trailing along the chromatic line
this pleasure is like a hidden treasure, hard to find

Whispering the poetic rhythms in you ear
You know my every next movement like a seer
Now our entangled delight reaching their top
you want me more and more and not to stop

Slowly the irresistible passion of love pouring out
and our exuberant souls flouting like feathery clouds

Friday, 26 August 2016

Just to tell you

Words are not enough
To show my love
But most of the time
It's only words with what I am left with
Just the thoughts of telling you my feelings makes the heart melt
I try to string the words to show what I had always felt
"All this time
about you about us"

Like, how many times I have tried to mend
To say something meaningful & be a good friend

But the time passed and gap widened
We hardly spoke and now I am frightened
Frightened that I might not say right words in right order
As this gap of silence is becoming deeper and wider

Now not saying anything is easy

& the seldom smiles we share are the only treat 

Be happy and live

In all the agonies, anxiety & expectation
where everyone trying to make reputation
So busy achieving the delusion goals
hardly had time to care about own souls

The simple pleasures felt as an innocent child
were long forgotten in this race
The responsibilities that came with youth
left no time to enjoy that important phase

Now feeling betrayed by the passing time
as losing energy & turning old
Even with a purse full of dimes
can’t do anything with the earned gold

And the answers he was searching
were not so profound and deep
In those last few moments left, he realized

all he ever had to do was “be happy and live”