Thursday, 24 March 2016

Her feelings for me

His words
seems like every expression
that slips from his tongue
were read from my heart.

His expressions
as if he is always inside my mind
studying and learning more about me
so he can give back to me in his love.

His touch
renew my spirit like fresh breeze
and brings the warmth of sunshine
soothing and caring for me.

His love
like he have known me for years
how to set my soul on fire
unleashing the joys that makes me feel fulfilled.

You're the most beautiful part of my life

I have loved your beauty
not just in your good looks
But I see through your heart
To me you're like an angel in books

The smile you wear everyday
gives strength to my heart
We've shared enough memories
which I can hold on to, when we're apart

I'm thankful to you
for being my best friend
You're the one with whom I can go places
without caring for start and the end

You're the most beautiful part of my life

I want you to be my dreams & be there when I open eyes

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Happy holi :)

The festival of colours with most adored cartoon characters of all time.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

Sometimes she worries

Sometimes she worries 
that I might notice her squinted eyes in some pics
but I find beauty in the glint when she smiles

Sometimes she worries about
her tousled & knotted hairs falling in her face
but all I see is how adorable she looks

Sometimes she worries
if I care about the childish acts she does
but all my attention is for her, not a single moment I miss

Sometimes she worries about
what others might think
but all I say is I fall in love everytime you blink

Sometimes she worries
what if I will not come in her dreams
but all I promise is to take her to my wonderland

Sometimes she worries
What future holds for her
but I tell her to be calm, I'll always be her lover

I'll be always be there for her worries
and all she has to do is
close her eyes
& smile

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Happiness is you

I let my dreams fly
into the vast blue sky
& watch them, as the life passes me by
'coz to me, happiness is you

I paint my thoughts with rainbow colours
close my eyes and belive in wonders
Without much caring for others
'coz to me, happiness is you

I dance like wind
when our souls are entwined
I don't need the materialistic things
'coz to me, happiness is you

I sing like a sparrow
Unaware of the tomorrow
Ready to accept, if it's bitter or taste like marshmallow
'coz to me, happiness is you