Monday 15 June 2020

A night at the beach.

come lay beside me 
on the virgin sand of the beach
          gazing at the sun as it touches the sea 
and the cold water splashing our feets
this silence so eloquence
only a few sea birds to share our secret
We feel complete in that moment
           as the emotions are so sacred 
As the darkness starts to split the rays and spread
we close our eyes and let the world fall away
the night starts to grow into its vastness
and we still feel the shore sand slipping away
          soothing soft moonlight, reflecting 
on the magical beats of the ocean, dancing

we shed away the layers that we show to the world
leaving us with only our innocence
still feeling safe in amidst the vulnerability 
and the sensational feelings slowly getting intense
          gazing into your lovely dark hazel eyes
          that smile is close to the feeling of paradise 
our sweating naked bodies interlaced as one
warped in my arms you feel the rise in my passion
my curious tender fingers playing
& like the musical notes your body pulsating
moonlight revealing your silhouette curves, I adore
exciting your senses as I explore you more
my lips kissing each inch of your sultry body
like an adventurer travelling through hills and valley
As I grab your slender waist and hold you tight
and those soft moans grow louder in delight

    our heartbeats racing ahead of our emotions
surprisingly, like always we're in sync motion 
     sensual seduction and desires absorbed in bliss
melting into each other as we impassionedly kiss.
          we made love under the starry night,  
          and I whispered softly "what a wonderful life". : )

My first poem to be broadcasted over radio show The Art Of Seduction...Pop Art; for the complete show, you can follow the link and listen to it they all are great. For my poem (either listen to the above audio or in the show you can skip to 1:16 Hrs 😄)


Sunday 31 May 2020

Wandering thoughts- Part 5: Choices

Sometimes I wonder what IF, I could change one thing I did or the one step that I took or one choice that I made in the past. That is a BIG IF and there is nothing I can change about it but what I  can change is my future by choosing right now how I want to live the rest of my life.

 “Two roads diverged in the yellow wood,
and sorry I could not travel both……
I took the one less travelled by
And that has made all the difference”- the famous poem “The Road not taken” by Robert Frost is one of the best example of the dilemma of choosing.  

As per the William Glasser, “all the choices we make are to satisfy the five basic needs: survival, love & belonging, power, freedom and fun.” People may argue that having a free choice is mankind’s greatest gift and also its greatest curse, but for me, the choice is the purest form of free will (way better than the freedom promised by our constitution). In book Man’s Search for Meaning, the Holocaust survivor and psychiatrist Viktor Frankl observed that “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” If there was no choice then a person might never grow mentally because only by choosing we learn to be responsible and get to know our capabilities. For a child most of the things, likes/dislikes, wrong/rights etc. are decided by the parents but as he/she grows older decision may still be influenced by other but choices are his/her personal.

For some people making choices is hard because they hate to make decisions as they are always afraid of the consequences of a wrong decision. For them, every decision they make is like making a commitment to a choice and sticking with it. The main problem is when they face a situation where they have to make a choice; they overlook at the long term impact on their life but only worry about the immediate results.  And then there is another kind who can make choices like making tea using tea bags. They don’t get confused by the options available and sort out things/priorities/emotions in their mind and then just apply the basics in each situation they face. From a simple thing of getting up on time in the morning or what to eat for lunch to where you want to see yourself in the next 10 years or to choose a partner, the range of choices is unimaginable and overwhelming. 

Our faith, core values and attitude towards life are influenced by our choices.  Materialistic choices like Education, job, location, financial decisions are relatively easy to choose.  But what most people struggle with is relationships and a person should choose them wisely as they affect our thoughts & life more than we can think of.  We live in an unprecedented age of options and sometimes making choices can be a little difficult as choosing something inherently means giving up something else. But the best choices in life are the ones whose consequences align with your long term goals, even if they are hard in the beginning.
And no matter what the situation is, there is always a choice and that choice makes all the difference in life. Period.

Wednesday 6 May 2020

Wandering thoughts- Part 4: Expectation and acceptance

Voltaire said “We never live; we are always in expectation of living”.
We all have dreams and where there is a dream there has to be a sea of expectations. And when these expectations rule our lives, we surely end up disappointing someone (mostly yourself) in the process because we start measuring our success with an ambiguous scale. But how can one be sure what does he want, till he gets what he wants and see if he likes it or not? In this unending pursuit of desires, a person gets lost in the maze created by himself. But the irony is that these expectations/desires play a very important role in shaping our zeal to achieve our goals. So the question is how do we know whether expectations are good or bad. Actually, the answer is simple – replace your expectations with hope. Because an expectation is a strong belief that something will happen while ignoring the possibilities of failure, while hope is a light belief that something will happen and at the same time acknowledging that other part. We need to accept life with all its unpredictability, as happiness only exists in acceptance. Of course, life will bring many challenges, such as the death of/ separation from someone we love, and it’s not easy to embrace those feelings when we’re suffering and wishing those things would have never happened. But if we start cultivating acceptance in our lives right now, we’ll likely cope with future crises in a different way and view them from a different perspective.

We expect to change our life for good by doing simple things like lose weight, read more books or become a better person, but we are flawed, imperfect and can be easily distracted. And whenever we fail we consistently let ourselves down and fall short of our goals and feel disappointed. But we should never give up on ourselves or lose hope. And as Andy Dufresne in the letter to Red (in movie Shawshank Redemption) wrote, “hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.” Accept your failures and try to improve just 1 % each day. You need to stop focusing on the end results and start paying attention to the process, believe me, you will achieve anything in your life. 

Monday 4 May 2020

Wandering thoughts- Part 3: Gratitude

“Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things”.- Robart Braoult.

They say gratitude attracts positive people in your life who make it easier for you to handle the stressful situations, but often we forget to show our gratitude to the most important people in our life i.e. our family. It’s true that we don’t get to choose them but they sure are the one who have stayed with us through thick and thin. Our parents laid the foundation path that we walk on and our families had supported us to achieve our goals. Still, we often neglect their roles in our life. In pursuit of an illusion of something or someone better for us, rather an appreciating what we have we tend to take it for granted. Never take your family and friends for granted, because one day, they won’t be around to be taken for granted any longer; and regret is a tough pill to swallow. People don’t get over regret, but they do get over the loss of a loved one and take solace in how much that loved one knew how much you loved, respected and valued them while they were alive.
Yes we all work hard to become independent and self-sufficient but in that process, we become an ‘avoidant’- distancing from the loved ones and sometimes even from our self. Initially, we ignore the people and slowly we start ignoring our own feelings. But we need to learn from the past and make a promise to ourselves that we’ll sort out all the unresolved issues and things left unsaid because much unhappiness has come into the world because of this bewilderment. Make efforts to correct the things you’ve been doing wrong for a very long time and before trying to make amends to the relationships, first make with your inner self. Share your present with the people you love and enjoy the journey because happiness is not a destination. And the one thing that can change your life for good and help you find the satisfaction you’ve been searching for is – Gratitude.  

Sunday 3 May 2020

Wandering thoughts- Part 2: Feelings

Emotions make us human, denying them makes us beasts. — Victoria Klein

 As a human, we’re meant to feel all kind of emotions like joy, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger etc. And the feelings that you yourself are afraid to acknowledge are the most important ones in moulding your perception about life and behaviour with others. As a child, we’re open about feelings but as we grow older we hide them thinking that sharing them (even with the people you love) will reflect weakness on our part. We start pretending to be strong, calm and confident all the time, and we try to bottle up our emotions as if it’s somehow wrong to have natural reactions to life. Even though we know that emotions come and go and can’t be controlled so there’s no reason to worry about them but still we move in the cave of solitude with so much left unsaid and so many feelings buried inside. And by the time we realize it, we think it’s too late and we start questioning will those words/feelings matter now or what if the other person won’t acknowledge them and then there is always that part of our ego stopping us.  And believe me, once the opportunity is lost; we’re the culprit and we’re the victim at the same time. Silence is not the answer when the situation demands us to speak out. So, I’ll suggest you to start talking about it because talking puts words to feelings and allows us to share what’s happening in our minds and let others into our worlds. Telling somebody that you are sad can take some of the sadness away and sharing joy will add more joy. It eases the burden of feeling like the entire world is on our shoulders when in reality that couldn't be farther from the truth, even if there isn't an immediate solution to what we are feeling, sharing these emotions with someone has a tremendous positive impact on our mind and heart.

Wandering thoughts- Part 1: Secluded

After the lockdown (due to the pandemic COVID-19) we had more time with ourselves to reflect upon our life and share the time (that we never had) with our family. But in reality, we’re still living in our cave of solitude and social media is the only place where we feel free and safe to share. For a family, the most important part of the day is the time when all members eat together and talk about their life, but now that also is occupied in binge-watching or scrolling the endless feeds. People think that they live in the most connected world yet the ironically everyone feels so lonely; as most of them are looking for acknowledgement from the unknown random people on the internet rather than talking or celebrating with the one with whom they’re sharing the most important part of life i.e. the Present. People talk over chats for hours without noticing that something was missing there and that something was the attention required for building a strong foundation of the relationships. People scroll for hours with the hope to find nothing. We care about the number of likes on the celebration photographs rather than appreciating the efforts of those who’re present right there and enjoying the moment.  Now the strength of the relationship is somehow related to the speed of the internet. That instant gratification of notification from the social platform is destroying personal lives more than one can imagine. 

I say this is the loneliest generation that mankind has ever witnessed. But there is still hope, as the hope is like a star – not to be seen in the sunshine of prosperity but only to be discovered in the night of adversity.

Wednesday 29 April 2020

irfan khan

Some wounds can't be healed, some voids can't be filled.
You were a gem, Sir! You will be terribly missed.
Anything I'll write here will not be enough to match your pure art and class.

Rest in peace

Sunday 11 August 2019

Father of Indian Space Program

Dr. vikram-sarabhai's 100th-birthday

My tribute to great scientist, visionary and institution builder. If it was not for him, we might not have celebrated and took pride in all the successes that ISRO have achieved till date.

Saturday 15 June 2019

Father: A silent emotion

His love was solid like rocks of a solitary mountain
Sometimes hard to feel, still very strong
At first his advice seemed like a drop in ocean
Yet every time it taught me right and wrong

He would always hide his pains, insecurities and fears
And did everything possible so that I won't have tears
His love is wordless, with a boundless scope
Even on the gloomy days, for me, he would find the hope

He helped me understand this insane complex world
Gave me the freedom to become/do what I love
He educated me to cope with the rejection
And during adversities, guided me in the right direction

Although he is no longer in this world
Still I can recall his memories from all those years ago
And I would just like to say to him that
"He did a wonderful job raising me and I love him so"

Saturday 6 October 2018

The maximum city

"A city that never sleeps still called the city of dreams." The cosmopolitan glory and the mesmerizing views of the seashore engulf the unforgiving nature of life that breaths in the narrow streets of the city. After a 2-hour flight journey, we arrived at the airport and this city was celebrating the Muharram and Ganpati Visarjan at the same time.  From what I have seen in the movies and what I have heard about the experiences of others, I had a preoccupied mindset regarding what I was about to witness. I was sure about the intoxicating weather, the maniac traffic, the kaleidoscopic skyscrapers, the Dabangg Mumbai Police, the squalid Slums, the lifeline of Bombay: Local trains, the incredible Dhobi Ghats & the six-sigma certified Dabbawalas and so much more,

View from the waiting area for the arrival of cabs/taxies
I have been to airports in other cities in India, but the difference here, I noticed was the separate floor in the adjacent building to the airport for the arrival of cabs/taxies. On the way to the hotel, the balmy evening with the fresh breeze from the sea calmed my exciting nerves. As it was time to cross one more thing from the Bucket list: to experience the vastness of sea and tranquility of beaches. Next morning we ditched the pre-planned visit to Matheran (Hill station near Mumbai) and decided that for the next 2 days we are just going to explore Mumbai. Like every city, Mumbai will also give two contrasting tastes within one city i.e. the Northside (usually the messy) & the Southside (the Classy). The Bandra-Worli Sea link bridges this divide for Mumbai. 

Day 1: We decided to explore the Northside i.e. Aksa Beach, Madh Island, Versova, Juhu Beach and finally the Bandstand. 

I have always believed that when the destination is not off-beat than choose the timings when half the city is sleeping and for the matter of fact most of the Mumbaikars are night owls. The Western Ghats which are known for its captivating sunsets, but to me, serene mornings have their own beauty. We hop on to the Auto rickshaw and to my surprise, unlike Delhite's Autos, the Autos here actually run on meter and the drivers are keen to share their knowledge about the city. Most of the places here in Mumbai are famous not necessarily because they are worth visiting but they became popular because of the Bollywood. Same goes for the Aksa Beach which became the part of must-visit beaches after the song from the movie "God Tussi Great Ho".  (Traveler’s Alert) Most of the beaches here are not clean at all due to the amount of waste dumped daily in the sea. You might experience the foul smell of rotten dead fishes and a lot of trash kissing the shoreline along the waves. And, if you visit during the festive season you might be baffled to see your God's idols lying in bits and pieces on the shore. Despite all its wrongs, Mumbai and people here are full of exuberance and nothing could stop these kids from playing & standing tall against those strong splashing waves. 

In the hustle and bustle of the life here, people look for quick-budgetary-filling food options. During those 2 days, I tried Vada Pav at many places (from the street joints to Airport lounge) and realized that it was as simple as any other street foods yet very few people have mastered the art of making it right. The quickest, pocket-friendly and on-the-go-snack that you can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

Image Source

For the morning walk, we had the whole beach to ourselves and to feel the shifting sand beneath our feet as we stood there to gaze into the boundless sea. We spent some time collecting the Seashells of different shapes, size and colour. After that, we boarded the cheap-crowded-fishy smelling ferry as it was supposed to take only 10% of travel time as opposed to the road. The next in the things to do list was the Juhu Beach and the iconic Prithvi Theatre (again recommended by the friend). The restaurant & bookstore inside this 40 years old theatre makes it the go-to place for the esoteric crowd that can read/talk/watch the cinema for hours while enjoying the reasonably priced variety of food. (Alas!! we were too early for the Shows that run normally in the evenings but the food was great)

When I saw the weather forecast in the morning it was supposed to be mild rain showers in the afternoon but the heat waves led to the change in plans. We searched for the nearest cinema hall and luckily found the seats for the recently released Horror comedy "Stree".  The eerie yet humorous plot throughout the movie and the bemusing end made sure that our afternoon was well spent. Now it was time to experience the north-south divide I talked about earlier. Even the experienced Auto rickshaw driver could not give (or might not want to give) the convincing answer regarding why the Autos are not allowed beyond the Bandra-Worli Sea link. Finally, we decided to go to the Bandstand- Mumbai's famous lover's point. The Bandstand Promenade is a kilometre long walkway that ends at the Bandra Land's End, where Bandra Fort, a Garden, the Sea and the house of Superstar Shahrukh Khan (Mannat) all meet. One of the things I noticed was that surprisingly people were standing in a queue to get onto the bus.  It was time for us to call it the day so we took the cab to the Hotel to keep this trip as offbeat only. 

Day 2: It was time to cross the bridge and explore Southside ( Haji Ali Dargah, Maratha Mandir, RBI Headquarter Building (personal choice), CST Railway Station, Gateway of India, Elephanta Caves, The Taj and the Marine Drive)

We rented the Ola cab for the day, unaware of the fact the parking charges in Mumbai (especially the Southside) will burn a hole in my pocket. We were delighted to witness the engineering marvel Bandra-Worli sea link that weighs equivalent to that of 50,000 African Elephants. Our first stop was Haji Ali Dargah, an Indo-Islamic architecture connected to the mainland through the causeway which gets submerged during the high tides. This shrine draws people from all faiths and watching the city from the shire with the waves all around is usually an experience visitors tend to remember. (If you are interested in Qawwalis than try scheduling the visit in the evening).  

Hardly any institutions have such an impressive success with the decentralized system than the Dabbawallahs of Mumbai. I got to know about them from the Ted Talk and since then I am a big fan of the accurate coding system for delivering the tiffin boxes using the same local transport. As a tribute to their service, a glittering statue stands tall at the Haji Ali chowk.

Not many food outlets were open by that time so we decided to have our breakfast at McDonald's (They had Burger with Masala Dosa patties and believe me it was delicious).  It was around 10:30, still, an hour before the show of blockbuster DDLJ would run for the umpteenth time in iconic Maratha Mandir. Therefore, we decided to take a roundabout and move to our next destination i.e. the grand CST railway station, the symbol of imperial architecture marvel included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. With its sheer size and the amount of detailing, it is very hard to capture its beauty in one shot (Even more beautiful with the lighting effects in the night). 

Now it was time to witness the Gateway of India (Fact: It is known as the symbol of Triumph as well as the downfall of the British). To beat the afternoon heat and crowd, taking the ferry ride to the Island was the better option.  I got a little sceptic regarding the way tickets for the ferry to Elephanta Cave were being sold by the hawkers (not through any Kiosk/ticket window). But when I enquired the policeman, he assured me you can buy the tickets from anyone, they all are authorized. It was approximately one hour ride to the Island (11 km from the mainland) and to enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the ferry one need to pay a premium charge of just Rs. 10/-. 

Far from the noisy and crowded city, this was a totally different experience. Somewhere in the middle of the limitless sea which looks calm yet, you can feel the power stored beneath the surface. For the first time, I felt the magnitude of the Mumbai Harbour and the humongous ships (that can easily accommodate the population of my village). From the jetty to the foothill, you can take the toy-train ride of 10 minutes (Rs. 10/- for to & fro journey) & save your energy to climb the 120 steps to reach the cave.

 The history of these mysterious caves is unclear but the stories about how they were discovered are interesting. While coming back, the artefacts made of precious stone/pearls lure you to buy at least one as a token of memory. 

Finally, when the day and the trip was coming close to the end it was time for the royal treat at the grand hotel The Taj Mahal. (The security checking there must have increased after the horrific incident of 26/11 Terrorist attack.)

Its beauty is as perfect from the inside as it is exquisite from the outside. I have been to other fine dining restaurants but the impeccable service here fascinated me the most. After the dinner, a long walk at the Marine Drive appreciating the sea and skyline was like a cherry on the cake.

During the night time, few places here find a new life & look more alive than ever. Be it the Marine drive that transforms into Queen's necklace, the Banda-Worli Sea link with its architectural beauty or the CST railway station as an antique gift from the history. Engrossed with all kinds of thoughts, the cab drove back to the hotel and thousands of city lights were reflecting off the window. Mumbai, the city full of stories gave us a wonderful memory to cherish throughout our lives.  

Tuesday 15 November 2016


As I walked on the land 
Containing ruins of culture and history 
The morning rays started 
Reflecting the enshrined spiritual beauty

The silent solitude of unscathed monuments 
Testament to the grandeur of glorious empires

Tracing along the whimsical Tungabhadra river
Stone chariot, dancing figures and the musical pillars
Scattered granite boulders, rocks and stones
Alive in mythological story, I never felt alone

A ride in coracle boat
Soothing and exciting at the same time
Watching the sunset over the mountain
Slowly I sublimed

Astonished by the architectural majesty 

Inspired my thoughts, as I write this poetry

Saturday 5 November 2016

Longing for love

The tiny splats of morning rain
Weaving a gauze of fine mist
Reminds me of your sweet lips
Waiting so long to be kissed

Droplets tumble down in gentled sighs
Slowly settles with its glints and glows
Reflecting the depth of your beautiful eyes
Hiding the emotions like a simple prose

Hazy memories hovering like the dark clouds
And dimly dawn still prolonging the light
So, I close my eyes again and dream
To feel you close and hold you tight