Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The veil

Why do I need a veil to hide my face
when my emotions are not my own
nobody have any idea about them no can trace
because they're never ever shown

for years I've suffering these blindfolded visuals
I can't figure the importance of my looks and beauty
locked behind the doors of tradition and rituals
in the name of good moral character and duty

still I wear that veil everyday
and my voice is also limited to whispers only
now that veil is whole world to me
because I have learned to live it lonely

Monday, 20 April 2015



And here I’m, lost
With each ticking of clock

Searching for the reasons
That I already know
Walking on same path, boring
Still I will go

Full of contempt
Even the reflections
Confused and Razed

beliefs seems lies
and trust is ruined
eyes full of dried tears
heart like freshly wound

death is ultimate
silence and satisfaction
with no more thoughts
& no more rejection

Sunday, 5 April 2015

flower blooms from a bud

A new life inside with hopes of rainbow colors
Little bud sprouted to see the sunshine
Playing with morning dew and breeze
Journey to become a flower, just a matter of time

Grasping the deep spirit of its own
Spreading beauty with tiny petals
As the mild fragrance starts to bloom
Butterflies hovering and then settles

Buds finally become the precious flowers
To cheer the new seasons
Unfolding the dreams of beautiful lovers
To live, to bloom, to love without reasons