Friday, 18 December 2015

December dream

My lips carve poems in December air
As I watch sunlight reflecting of your face
My pen trying to paint words on blank paper
and I read all over again each phrase

those fallen leaves dancing on the breeze
tickling away, reminds me of your laughs
and I couldn’t stop smiling
anytime I scroll through your photographs

tracing the delicate line of your earlobe and hairs
with a scant of lilacs with drooping fragment flowers
I rest my palm near your waist feeling the softness
And even if it’s a dream we cuddle & sleep like the lovers 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Soulful night with her

Lie beside me in my garden with beautiful lilies
Listen to the silent breeze, singing an old song
Stars scattered throughout the darkness in sky
celebrating the feelings of our first kiss, still strong

As the crescent moon rises over tired city
Those stars blinking messages of love
Hooting owls echo their mournful cry
Perched in their towering tree tops way above

And in the shadow of your hair as the moon eclipse
Encaged in spell your flushed cheeks and scarlet lips
I find me gently waltzing with the sands of time
Holding your hand, I keep dreaming in poetic rhyme