Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I just want her back

Once she used to blossom like a rose
but now an inner demon in her has arose
The feeling like turmoil, angst, and passion have overcome
living in perpetual state of guilt though nothing she have done
New persona coming to terms with a new sinful she
behaving as she is no longer the girl, she used to be
Why she always let them do what that demon want to
every little bit makes her feel as the emptiness subsides
Why she have been hiding the true self & grasping for reality?
& girl with a cute smile now living life for formality
I can't seem to stop it but i want to help her
& the only thing which can tell her truth is mirror
This demon springs up and devours her conscience thought
& she can't even see how beautiful life she has got
I just want to let her know that
She isn't bound to the chase another tear stream
because she can always live like as she lives in my dreams
I just want her back
Out of inner shell of herself, lively & smiling

A beautiful dove..

We're talking like we know each other for years
As if i said some magic word & you had appeared
Laughing & dancing we started this journey
Something we shared & something we are learning

Through your velvet eyes, your soul revealed
I felt like your past wounds are still to be healed
Your talks reflects your heart's sweetness
Your smile doubles your face cuteness
For me you are like a beautiful dove
The girl, who will treat me with a strange love

I want to you to get over from the tensions of past clouds
Lift your head, smile & do something to be proud
So just hold my hand & I'll take you to my wonderland
There is no rule to follow & to understand....

Friday, 14 March 2014

just scribbling...;)

How important she is for me

She is the mirror to me
Through her a clear reflection of myself  i could see
I feel conceited to share my little part 
Where i don't have to remember about the end or start

Similar thoughts that only we can understand 
& the friendship is strange but shines like an elegant brand 
We are differentiated in appearance & the places
But i can find her even from the thousand faces

How adorable she is,you might think 
Her beauty growing with every blink 
Her mind so active yet silent 
Her expressions so colorful and vibrant 

Now you know how important she is for me
As for all my wonderful creativity she is the key

Thursday, 13 March 2014

It's you...

I don't know why i feel responsibility for you
People like you in my life are very few
I'm not worried but i am concerned
& this strange friendship i have earned
People do ask what kind of relationship i have with you
But its not the people i care, it's you
We don't give anything with a wish for something in return
that's the best thing i have learned
My words are simple as your smile 
Writing poems on any topic is my style
i don't know any of above talk makes any sense
But my dreams are worth living only with your presence

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

City light stories..

The city lights contains the stories full of surprises 
Wrapped in layers of thousand truth & lies
Of the ever waiting old woman for his only son in army 
And the beggars sleeping near roadside under the shades of tree
Of the dreaming boy whose life is about to begin 
And also about the men doing shameless sin
Of some girl thinking about her long distance relationship boyfriend 
And also the men laying on the bed & waiting for end
Of the vendor & shopkeepers returning to sweet home
& me sitting beside my window with my shadow alone

And across the city there lives you thinking of me
& the clouds you sent yesterday adds beauty to the city...

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The life we are living

Here i am writing, there you are waiting
here i am thinking, there your eyes blinking
& there is one thing common we do is smile
which make us both feel alive
the life we are living is simply great
every day is best day, so we don't have to remember the date
we can talk, just by whispering to air
only the changing colours of sky that we share
& every time i think of you, it fills with music again
the mysterious silence vanishes nothing is same
my poetry is not just to express the feeling
because it's the important part of the life we are living

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Garbage boys

The age, when they are supposed to play with toys
Picking up the broken & trashes for others, these Garbage boys
In the piles of disposed plastic chocked their story sentimental
The boys, dusty body so frail & gentle
Wrapped in clothes, tattered torn, dull & discolored like them
Surviving against the rules of Darwin
Too starved & malnutritioned & no one cares
Only the open sky & thrown food, they share
In the chaos of every city they have to find a place to sleep
They collect the things, what people call waste & cheap
No parents, no future, just the harsh life on the road side
Living in their small world unaware with pride
Shiny cars & luxury clothes, sparks their eyes
Telling that they have dreams,
Their memories full of hate, insult & razed
Which are permanent & can't be erased
Unexpected rains, deadly cold & sweaty summers
Not every one of them end up like a Kite Runner
When people sleep comfortably in their sweet home

They stand there with the fainted & blurred shadow alone