Tuesday, 19 August 2014

She is long gone

Her smiling face always fresh like morning
in the corridor, still I hear her voice singing
 In garden, I see her in flowers of tulips
 recalling the way she used to call me stupid 
Emotions erupting but i'm trying to swallow
and embracing her fluffy soft pillow 
whose core still secrets her scent 
lost in the memories that we spent 
now the doves are exhausted of mournful call 
but i'm still staring at pictures hanging on the wall 
she is long gone but i don't want to accept the fact

 because every single memory of her is still pure and intact

Still she smiles....

Her past has been trodden & broken

Could find the truth in a single word spoken

Living with the bitter & twisted lies

Still she smiles

Had lived a discriminated life

Always she was the one with limited choice

Have been trying to spring high like a tide

Still she smiles

Slowly her youth will slip away & trickle

Certainly she would be old with the wrinkles

Might even loose sight of her eyes

Still she smiles

Dare to dream & fly high in the sky

She is one i can call catcher in the rye

Though no one ever heard her silent cries

Still she smiles

Her sassiness is disguised by many

But she is happy with apricot dipped in honey

Scattered believes stops her to rise

Still she smiles

She might be an unfledged sparrow

Still she earned her pride & never borrow

With her soft hands ,you might not be surprised

Still she smiles

Leaving behind nights of terror and fears

She kept walking & swiping away all the tears

People wish to see bowed head and lowered eyes

Still she smiles