Friday, 18 December 2015

December dream

My lips carve poems in December air
As I watch sunlight reflecting of your face
My pen trying to paint words on blank paper
and I read all over again each phrase

those fallen leaves dancing on the breeze
tickling away, reminds me of your laughs
and I couldn’t stop smiling
anytime I scroll through your photographs

tracing the delicate line of your earlobe and hairs
with a scant of lilacs with drooping fragment flowers
I rest my palm near your waist feeling the softness
And even if it’s a dream we cuddle & sleep like the lovers 

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Soulful night with her

Lie beside me in my garden with beautiful lilies
Listen to the silent breeze, singing an old song
Stars scattered throughout the darkness in sky
celebrating the feelings of our first kiss, still strong

As the crescent moon rises over tired city
Those stars blinking messages of love
Hooting owls echo their mournful cry
Perched in their towering tree tops way above

And in the shadow of your hair as the moon eclipse
Encaged in spell your flushed cheeks and scarlet lips
I find me gently waltzing with the sands of time
Holding your hand, I keep dreaming in poetic rhyme

Monday, 23 November 2015

That's what I feel myself with you

Captivated by your splendour
I could watch a million skies set and rise
Only we could hear the secrets of our love
and see the purity of it in each other’s eyes

I get to know you every day again
As I relish the taste of your lips
I can feel the satisfaction you feel
As I touch your round and rosy cheeks

Softness of your voice strums like a lullaby
Just a single thought of you makes my words fly
Whenever we hug our souls mingle
I feel myself complete when I’m with you

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I'm a common man

Hardly I cross adolescent
My youth comes with loads of responsibilities
The child full of big dreams
Have to face the world with cruel realities

Fascinated by the charismatic world
I aspire for luxury, I can never have
Passionate about being famous
Mostly end up blaming fate for what I have

Have to go to work daily
And a single delay in my wages disturbs my economy
Have been postponing the big plans for travel
As I’m so busy handling a duty, my family

Have been saving money for years still not enough
Even the money I spend for basic necessities have to be in check

Imposed with rituals, religion, caste and the society itself
But in between all this, those few happy memories are my wealth

I’m a common man
And I’ll always be a common
From the first breath I took

To the last when I’ll be dead 

Saturday, 14 November 2015

yellow pages of journal

Feeling the words written 
over those yellow pages of journal
I can imagine you writing
About the beauty of cold summer night
It's old, many words had faded away from the corners
But the memories and the characters come alive every time I read it

While reading poem about the love we made on that wintery night
I held my pillow to feel your warmth, cuddled myself tight
While reading the poem about that long walk in rainy evening
I can hear us talking and laughing, every moment I'm reliving

Every morning I watch those dew droplets shine
And hear the birds singing "your love is mine"
Every night I lie under the sky & watch the stars divine
And the silent breeze rhythms through those pines

On the last page even that half written poem with these lines

Seems complete as our love is boundless to time

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

all I want is you

Holding you in my arms
Where you feel safe and warm
Charmed by the heavenly bliss
As our lips meet in a passionate lover's kiss
Our breaths mingle as a mellifluous lullaby
And our heart yearning more tonight
Fingertips trailing the paths of delight
As the sighs of longing deep emotion ignite
Our souls entwined and dancing as one
These tender moments make feel like heaven

And now I see a shooting star
Don’t know what to wish
‘coz all I want is you

Lying in my arms just like this

If life is a book

“Love is our true destiny. We do not find the meaning of life by ourselves alone- we find it with another.” And I think I have found that another one with whom life looks far more easy and interesting to live.
Thousands of thoughts transpired and transformed into something beautiful just because I wrote them to see one face smiling. As I look back and introspect how the things went? The only conclusion I can come up with is that it was the best way they could have happened. Hardly had I ever given a second thought to plans and journeys we made together and it was all possible because something inside me kept telling that this world would be more beautiful if you see it holding her hand. Over the time I have spent with her I have acquired so many qualities like patience, responsibility, passion for life, setting priorities and a positive attitude i.e. every decision I take turn out into something new and good.
Her presence is spreading the fragrance of a budding blossom in the aisle of my life and whenever I’m with her happiness is spontaneous.
My surroundings get filled with vibrant vibes and I live more in a moment. I hear her crackling laughs in rain drops and her whispers in the soothing silence of night.  The crimson dusk reminds me of timeless beauty of her innocent smile and I can relate the feeling of her touch with exuberance of birds at dawn. Each memory is like a flower of daisy which retains its shape and color after being dried and every time I recall one, it’s like an exquisite dream, attempting to fly off into the wide blue yonder. When she rests her head over my shoulder I feel responsible and caring.  In this infinite world of fantasies a single thought of her calms my wandering mind.

If life is a book then I wish to see her on every page of it.

Monday, 28 September 2015

This feeling

In the warm luscious tint of moon light
I was searching for the right words to write
Clutching the pillow to my chest tight
I sat near window, thinking of you all night

Each moment filled with the feeling of bliss
It’s all new and crazy, never felt like this
I could feel your trembling lips while we kissed
And warmth of your breath I couldn’t resist

Just the soft touch of your hand over mine
And your beautiful eyes made me sublime
Our hearts started beating in same rhythm
I wish to live that moment forever & stop the time

I squeezed your breast & you pulled me in tight
Thrilling and enchanted, in an awe of delight
           Embracing each other & letting out sighs    
This feeling, more I think about, more it rise

Friday, 18 September 2015

My thoughts under no control of mine

I cuddle myself to feel the warmth of your hug
As your beautiful eyes make me believe in love
Every time I hear your voice my heart sublimes
Lost in the echoes of your rhythmic wind chimes
Just holding your hand and feeling your lips over mine
Is like an adventure, climbing the cliff and watching the sun shine
These thoughts under no control of mine
And getting stronger and stronger over time
For us it was never a swift fall or quick tumble into bliss
Still I'm in love with each moment, not a single I want to miss

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The veil

Why do I need a veil to hide my face
when my emotions are not my own
nobody have any idea about them no can trace
because they're never ever shown

for years I've suffering these blindfolded visuals
I can't figure the importance of my looks and beauty
locked behind the doors of tradition and rituals
in the name of good moral character and duty

still I wear that veil everyday
and my voice is also limited to whispers only
now that veil is whole world to me
because I have learned to live it lonely

Monday, 20 April 2015


And here I’m, lost
With each ticking of clock

Searching for the reasons
That I already know
Walking on same path, boring
Still I will go

Full of contempt
Even the reflections
Confused and Razed

beliefs seems lies
and trust is ruined
eyes full of dried tears
heart like freshly wound

death is ultimate
silence and satisfaction
with no more thoughts
& no more rejection

Sunday, 5 April 2015

flower blooms from a bud

A new life inside with hopes of rainbow colors
Little bud sprouted to see the sunshine
Playing with morning dew and breeze
Journey to become a flower, just a matter of time

Grasping the deep spirit of its own
Spreading beauty with tiny petals
As the mild fragrance starts to bloom
Butterflies hovering and then settles

Buds finally become the precious flowers
To cheer the new seasons
Unfolding the dreams of beautiful lovers
To live, to bloom, to love without reasons

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Autumn leaves

Leaves like butterfly
Fluttering and dancing on the wind
Beside the lake, beneath the trees
Where children playing lost and find

Posing in the rays of the bright sun
They move silently to their own music
The exquisite folk dance left everyone
Gazing at their unparalleled magic

twisting and turning before touching the ground
waiting for the next gust to lift them to dance again
Backwards and forwards, round and round

The clouds made it perfect ending with showers of rain 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

मेरी माँ

सबसे प्यारी है मेरी माँ
परियो की कहानियो की परी है मेरी माँ
चांदनी सी शीतल है मेरी माँ
मेरे अकेलेपन का साथ है मेरी माँ
जो मै हु तो उसकी वजह है मेरी माँ

एक दर्द है,एक मीत है
एक सुनहरा सपना, एक प्यारा सा गीत है

मेरी माँ की कहानी
कुछ उनकहे श्ब्दों सी है
कुछ उनकहे किस्सों सी है
फिर भी ना जाने क्यों सभी ने सुनी सी है

मेरी माँ
गोद में सुला कर लोरिया सुनती है
कभी राजा-रानी तो कभी अपनी कहानी बताती है
मेरी हर राह में फूल बिछाती है
मेरी हर छोटी सी खुसी में बागो सी खिल जाती है

हाथ थाम कर चलना सिखाया
मेरे सपनो के पंख लगा कर मुझे उड़ाया
चलते-चलते राहो में जब भी मै थक जाता हु
मेरी माँ क आँचल के छाँव को मै वहां पाता हु

मेरी हर गलती पे मुझे डांटा करती है
मेरे सहम जाने पर गले से लगाया करती है
सब दर्द भूल जाता हु जब माँ गले से लगाती है
सब बात सिख जाता हु जब माँ मुझे सिखाती है
खुद के दुखो को छुपाती है मेरे भी समेटना चाहती है
मेरे जीवन के आँगन में हर खुशियाँ भरना चाहती है

इन उलझे से रिस्तो में एक सुलझा रिस्ता दिखता है
इसीलिए तो छोटा बच्चा भी माँ का प्यार समझता है
मंदिर- मस्जिद क्यों जाऊ मै
जब हर भगवान मेरी माँ में दिखता है

इंसान ने धर्म और जात बनाये
फिर भी माँ को बाँट ना पाये
कितने ज्ञानी पंडित आये
फिर भी माँ के प्यार की भाषा समझ ना पाये

उसका प्यार दिखावा नही इसमें सब कुछ सच्चा है
माँ की ममता सबके लिए एक समान, वही प्यार की परिभाषा है
माँ की महिमा ना बता सकूंगा
सब्दो में ना बयां कर सकूंगा
अब भी थमने को जी नही चाहता
शायद मै माँ के बारे में कुछ और बताता

Friday, 27 February 2015


Beautiful orange ball being swallowed
on the horizon to the red and orange hues
And the silent whispering wind followed
the path that’ll lead her to vast blues

 The gliding sparrows with stretched out wings
singing along their flight returning home
And there I was, with enchanted you
With whom my passion for life always grow strong

I look into your eyes
and I melt into a pool of your consciousness
Observing how light reflects off your hairs
and the smile containing beauty of reminiscence

Caress of the sun on our cheeks as it slowly fades
 into the gulf becomes a priceless memory
As our hearts beats in same rhythm
And with my hand in yours, we’re already writing our own story

Thursday, 22 January 2015


Feelings of loneliness crept over me
So firm so rigid
My determinations and my beliefs seems
So fragile so timid

Staring at the reflection of my own
Wrapped in fakeness
How things turned up different from what I’ve known
Feeling betrayed by this strangeness

Thoughts never have known what to think
Eyes only got the choices either be closed or blink

Searhing for the means of living
And breathing unknowingly
No destination or the right path
Still walking continously

This silence itself’s so loud and clear
Not death, now it’s the life that I fear

Posted my 100th poem on

It feel great to see the accomplishments of your own

Her beauty
Strands of her hairs falling perfectly
With matching curious arched eyebrows
Smooth shy glint in  almond shaped eyes
Sparkling more than the ornament on her nose

Her lips like soft rose petals
Utterly curved to catch anybody's attention
Every feature of her face is special
As a slight look of her imparts it's possession

Her soul is the pristine blanket of fresh fallen snow

Any word written to describe her beauty, fall short, as I know

Friday, 9 January 2015

Live for the moments, you can’t put into words……..

Life is the spaces between the moments, like the moment you’re waiting for someone and the moment you finally see him and  like the moment when two people are close to touching and the moment when they finally are.
That’s where I was. In that small but infinite space, when she step out of the mysterious grey mist that covers the world in translucent veil like a pleasant surprise, smiling, delightfully chaotic.
 In that chilled morning when I was supposed to be in my bed wrapped in my quilt, I was standing there  & waiting for her. And before this pleasant surprise I had travelled a sleepless night in train, which left me on station right on time (unexpectedly !!!) and  I had to wait for 2 hours in that rustling cold wind bruising my face. For a moment I find myself idiotic,why I’m doing this!! Only place which seemed alive was the tea shop near the street’s corner, where few men were arguing about the fares of auto. I knew I had at least an hour to spend here so I have no option other than listening their universal talks like it’s too cold today and trains will be late today due to foggy weather. One thing which was a little less bitter than this cold was the tea or I should say boiled flavoured water without any taste.
But this was just the start of wonderful adventure yet to be unfold because just sitting beside her and talking to her is like surreal dream come true. While the winter breeze brushed her cheeks, pulling stray strands of hair away from her face and then leaving it all loose and curled, I see her smile curved at the corners of her lips and I cannot help smiling every time she smiles and laugh every time she laughs. We didn’t have to think about what to talk because we can say each other whatever crosses our mind, anytime.
Like always in the state of perpetual state of confusion and worried that someone might see her with me but never stopped talking. Like always she forgot which way to go and I was enjoying it all, her expressions with feeble smile. She didn’t knew where we’re going to spend whole day till I took the metro tickets and told her that we’re going to Akshardham, Delhi & she was happy to hear that, though she have been there couple of time before.
Each memory has soundtrack of it’s own and every moment with her is like the beautiful memory with thousands of melodies playing in background.
After a long process of checking & rechecking we finally entered in the Akshardham and the first thing we were looking for is the food court. And there comes the dilemma of what to order and between all those yes & no’s, if’s & but’s we finally ordered more than we wanted. Food courts are best places to observe the people & that’s what we did.
A middle class family who was having the most optimal and economical meal  & the school children so choosy with what and when they are going to spend the precious nickels given to them by their parents.
There are days
when you wish to moments to pass slow
& let this endless conversation flow
It doesn’t matter where ever you go
‘coz it’s gonna be the best as you already know

Based on Swaminarayan's life with the complex displays millennia of traditional Hindu and Indian culture, spirituality, and architecture, Akshardham is the best and cleanest monument. The featuring exhibitions have the  robotics and dioramas portraying the message about the importance of peace, harmony, humility, service to others and devotion to God. In the ambiance of spirituality we both never missed a chance of cracking a joke.
With keen observations, more then swaminarayan’s life we were more interested in sculptors, theirs expressions and the dresses and the counting the pigeons, parrots and crows in each scene. Nudging each other and whispering & smiling, we ourselves complete the world for each other. Many times she told me to concentrate on the screen and memorise it all  ‘coz she’ll ask me later about it. I was acting to be sleepy so that I can rest my head on her shoulder and whisper the random things crossing my mind.
While returning, a bit tired, we waited for the metro in which we could get seats but in Delhi it’s like the most ideal thing. Tiredness hovering her mind and her head resting on window corner, she slept like baby. Every time metro stops she opens her eyes for a while and smile and then again sleep. And I keep on looking at the girl with eyes like ocean reflecting the dreams she have and her hairs hung down in ringlets.

I saw her standing all alone and I knew she was perfect
From a distance I admired  the most beautiful soul in the world
Her presence was gracious & her body was elegant
World stops to see the smile of spirit, so transparent

I live for the moments when I look at someone and we both thinking about the same thing and then start laughing & that day we didn’t realise we’re making memories we just knew we’re having fun.