Tuesday, 17 November 2015

I'm a common man

Hardly I cross adolescent
My youth comes with loads of responsibilities
The child full of big dreams
Have to face the world with cruel realities

Fascinated by the charismatic world
I aspire for luxury, I can never have
Passionate about being famous
Mostly end up blaming fate for what I have

Have to go to work daily
And a single delay in my wages disturbs my economy
Have been postponing the big plans for travel
As I’m so busy handling a duty, my family

Have been saving money for years still not enough
Even the money I spend for basic necessities have to be in check

Imposed with rituals, religion, caste and the society itself
But in between all this, those few happy memories are my wealth

I’m a common man
And I’ll always be a common
From the first breath I took

To the last when I’ll be dead