Saturday, 14 November 2015

yellow pages of journal

Feeling the words written 
over those yellow pages of journal
I can imagine you writing
About the beauty of cold summer night
It's old, many words had faded away from the corners
But the memories and the characters come alive every time I read it

While reading poem about the love we made on that wintery night
I held my pillow to feel your warmth, cuddled myself tight
While reading the poem about that long walk in rainy evening
I can hear us talking and laughing, every moment I'm reliving

Every morning I watch those dew droplets shine
And hear the birds singing "your love is mine"
Every night I lie under the sky & watch the stars divine
And the silent breeze rhythms through those pines

On the last page even that half written poem with these lines

Seems complete as our love is boundless to time