Tuesday, 18 March 2014

I just want her back

Once she used to blossom like a rose
but now an inner demon in her has arose
The feeling like turmoil, angst, and passion have overcome
living in perpetual state of guilt though nothing she have done
New persona coming to terms with a new sinful she
behaving as she is no longer the girl, she used to be
Why she always let them do what that demon want to
every little bit makes her feel as the emptiness subsides
Why she have been hiding the true self & grasping for reality?
& girl with a cute smile now living life for formality
I can't seem to stop it but i want to help her
& the only thing which can tell her truth is mirror
This demon springs up and devours her conscience thought
& she can't even see how beautiful life she has got
I just want to let her know that
She isn't bound to the chase another tear stream
because she can always live like as she lives in my dreams
I just want her back
Out of inner shell of herself, lively & smiling