Friday, 16 May 2014

Strange relationship

With the wondrous embodiment of everything that you share
We can be best friend forever bound by pinky swear

The strange relationship with all
Boundation of time & distance
I just have to close my eyes to feel
Your presence & smell your fragrance
Those pictures of you, keeps you always in my mind
Words just flowing in rhythm, I don’t have to think or find
Bridging the divide between reality & my fantasy
I want you to dance with me close together in intimacy
That beguiling smile your curving lips drew
A gorgeous face with immense inner beauty as I knew
I may not have heard your voice
But I can feel your whispers
And the random thoughts of you
Makes my body shivers
We both are bit careless & too young
So just be with me & I’ll keep writing new songs

i miss you dear