Thursday, 15 May 2014

life is a circle

Every second I feel my eyes blinking
& my heartbeats trying to beat with perfect rhyming
Every minute my mind figuring out the meaning of everything it sees
& some time it wishes for everything become still & freeze
Every hour I see thousands of colours, even if I’m in sleep
& that’s why I feel like crazy, sad, happy or lost in thoughts deep
Everyday i watch the sun rising in the east
& meeting the horizon again in the west
Every week I change my goals & take them to new level
& fantasizing about life after success, easy & stable
Every month I calculate what I have done
& making the list which I did wrong
Every year i see the seasons, they just come & go
& the life always walking towards the death as we know
Life is all about moving in circle & one day we’ll meet the end

So just enjoy whatever you have, knock, breathe, shine & seek to mend