Monday, 16 June 2014


The daylight has grown weaker and the cloudy grey hue spreading over that vast sea. With the fainted sound of rhythmic chiming of church bells, the wind weeping away the piled leaves. The splashes of water on the rocks, churning, waves talking themselves as they rise and fall. Was it the sea crying with its inevitable pain or singing in top of his voice, the songs of joy, pride, war and peace.
She has been coming here daily from her childhood days watching its calmness and also disturbed, like as it is today.

Dusk has fallen and the birds returning to their homes. Some of the birds from the other side of the sea look confident while they flew in the opposite direction towards the horizon and she kept watching them until they disappeared of her side. A strange feeling of lost came alive in her mind but that cold breeze soothing with its gentle smiles and the magical whispers that contain the stories and song, the fishermen sing while he is out for his adventure to company this lonely sea make her relieved. Though she couldn’t stop that tear in her eyes, sliding down her cheek and she didn’t even bother to swipe it away.