Monday, 14 July 2014

I'm not a sex toy...i too want to live a normal life

Every night here is same as the day before
Some shitty men will come to have choice of whore
Likewise my pride is diminished as i also sell them lust
But deep inside me my feelings are full of disgust
I have lost the count  of those pimping jerks
Who came to me to full fill their sex thrust
In the beginning,i suffered the resistance and pain
No one came to help,so sobbing & crying was in vain
Broken, bruised & sore between my legs everytime
Why i was punished,if i haven't done any crime
Now its easier to deal with their ways and amusement
I'm treated as a thing, owned & used for one night rent

Like a cursed outcast everyone avoid me
I don't remember childhood dreams, what i wanted to be
But my woes can be eliminated if treated well
I could live normal life out of this hell if you help