Sunday, 28 February 2016

Now i'm strong enough

Her innocence lashed by the brutal
but not a single one came with refusal
standing behind the curtains i saw that
even i was helpless then,that's the only regret

that memory hunts my thoughts whenever i'm alone
breathless, i can't feel my body like turing into stone
it wasn't her fault still she suffered the pain
all those noble & eithal teachings seems to be in vein

but now i'm strong enough to oppose those devils
i'll stand and raise my voice against every evils
no other innocent will ever suffer the injustic and exploitation
because i myself will make sure, those jerks punished for violation

P.S – This poem is inspired by one of my friend’s idea and story she told me. I wrote this one around a year ago but while reading through my saved poems I noticed that I never posted this one. So here it is and thankyou Santosh for this poem.