Sunday, 23 February 2014

True love will last lifetime

I imagine that I hold you and feel your gentle touch
sometimes it's overwhelming and feels just too much
there's something about you it says so in your eyes
a lost and lonely look that you just can't disguise
with people staring at our magic glow
the reason being we love each other so
imagine us in bed cuddled up and warm
not worried about the weather and the storm
you would be making sure that we're both well fed
and sometimes i would bring you breakfast in bed
then in the evening as we sit together quiet
I tell you how much i love you
,with all of my might
and that there's nothing else that i want in my life
just to have you here and really be my wife
So my Darling lovely girl who's so friendly with me
Can you see that I mean it and just want it to be